''Judgement Yard - Anthology of Greatest Hits'' is an exclusive collection of fifty of the most hard hitting tracks ever to be released from Judgement Yard. Featuring some of the best tracks from the entire Judgement Crew, this Album is a must-have for all die-hard Judgement Yard fans and will not disappoint.


Sizzla Kalonji, Joseph Shepherd, Bobo David, Jomo Rainbow, Zum Raggidy and Congo Judah all represent with the fire and the versatility that they have become internationally recognized for. The Prophet Capleton also makes a cameo appearance on the Album in an exclusive combination entitled, ''War'', which was produced by Joseph Shepherd's Sample Jack and originally released here on in the summer of 2006. All of the tracks on this Album are raw, real and rare and many fans will remember first Hearing most of These tracks right here in the listening room of our old Website. There are no fillers on this Album.

Join Judgement Yard on a righteous journey through Roots, One-Drop, Dancehall, RnB and, Hip-Hop riddims for good Inspiration and a strong Rasta meditation.

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1. Build Ghetto Youth - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

2. Jah Protect Us Always - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

3. People Will Rebel- Capleton (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

4. Set Myself Free - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

5. Wondering About You - Bobo David feat. Yatta Ken (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

6. Tek Weh Yuhself - Zum Raggidy - Joseph Shepherd (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

7. 1-2 Order - Joseph Shepherd feat. Jah Mason (Produced By Crown Star)

8. That's How It Goes - Joseph Shepherd (Produced By Kalonji Records)

9. Mi Nuh Friend Dem - Yatta Ken (Produced By Kalonji Records)

10. Children Of Today - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

11. Chant Rastafari - Yatta Ken (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

12. Just Wanna Love You - Sizzla feat. Mr. Biggz (Produced By Kalonji Records)

13. When A Man Loves A Woman - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

14. Nothing In This World - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

15. True Confession - Sizzla feat. Sugar Minott (Produced By Youthman Promotions)

16. That's What Im Talking About - Sizzla (Produced By Youthman Promotions)

17. We Love Being Together - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

18. Everything Is Alright - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

19. How Dem Fi Stop Mi - Yatta Ken (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

20. The Whole World Needs Love - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

21. Truly - Bobo David (Produced By Kalonji Records)

22. Judgement - Sizzla (Produced By Sly and Robbie)

23. Give Thanks For Life - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

24. I Know How To Live - Bobo David (Produced By Kalonji Records)

25. What Do You Say- Yatta Ken (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

26. Love Is So Amazing - Joseph Shepherd feat Yatta Ken and Dr. Peppa (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

27. One Law - Congo Judah feat. Rapper J (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

28. Eastern Side - Zum Raggidy (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

29. To The Max - Bobo David (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

30. The Way I'm Feeling - Bobo David (Produced By Chop Chop Productions)

31. Heaven Knows - Sizzla  (Produced By Kalonji Records)

32. Girl I Love You - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

33. Show Love - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

34. Don't Go Away From Me - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

35. People Wake Up - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

36. Send Up The Praises - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

37. Binghi Man Know That - Joseph Shepherd (Produced By Kalonji Records)

38. How Can They - Joseph Shepherd (Produced By Kalonji Records)

39. War - Sizzla feat. Capleton (Produced By Sample Jack)

40. Protect My Life - Joseph Shepherd feat. Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

41. Push On - Sizzla feat. Joseph Shepherd and Jomo Rainbow (Produced By Kalonji Records)

42. It's Burning - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

43. Give Thanks & Praise - Sizzla feat. Jomo Rainbow (Produced By Kalonji Records)

44. What Can You Do - Bobo David (Produced By Kalonji Records)

45. Party Rock - Joseph Shepherd (Produced By Kalonji Records)

46. No Bed A Rose - Sizzla feat. Jigsy King (Produced By Kalonji Records)

47. Calling Up My Name - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

48. Got It Going On - Sizzla (Produced By Kalonji Records)

49. Gangz and Gunz - Sizzla (Produced By Fire Links)

50. Pagans Spy - Sizzla (Produced By King Jammy's)

(Download is available in a .zip file and all tracks are in a .wav Format.)

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