Original August Town Artiste Zum Raggidy Heats Up 2020 Again With His Second New Single of the Year, “See Dem A Come”

The thing that stands out about Zum Raggidy the most is that he has a completely original style and delivery. Forget the fact that he literally stands head and shoulders above most men at a height of around 6’4 (1.93m). His flow is authentic and unpretentious, real in fact. The sincerity with which Zum brings forward his message is palpable.

Fans of the Jamaican underground reggae scene which is filled with abundant, burgeoning, budding and blossoming talent are no stranger to August Town native, Nigel Manhertz aka Zum Raggidy.

(“See Dem A Come” - Official Music Video):



Born at 46A, August Town Road, Kingston 7, Zum began developing his talent at a young age in the community formerly using the moniker “Little Killa”.  Zum is distinct as an August Town artiste, as he was performing as “Little Killa” alongside Joseph Shepherd (who used the moniker, “Sugar Peck” as a young artiste from Bryce Hill) before Sizzla arrived in August Town from St. Mary as a pre-teen.


As as a more developed and mature artiste, Zum further honed his performance skills alongside Sizzla, who is one of the greatest Jamaican artistes in history. Zum personally witnessed and helped shape a Rasta, roots movement led by Sizzla in the mid-late 90’s which single handedly, critically shifted the entire culture of Jamaica at the time.


Zum gained a notable international audience through his recordings with A-Town Records in the mid 1990’s. Recently Zum Raggidy also made waves with his starring role in the film “Sizzla and Judgement Yard - From The Garrison To The Stage” where he completely shelled the show during the scene on stage with Sizzla, Bobo David and Jomo Rainbow at Mona Common. Zum received the biggest forwards of the show, and it became obvious to the people whom are unaware of his reputation in the streets that many people in the streets have a lot of love for Zum Raggidy.


Fast forward to the present year, 2020 and since the start of the year Zum has been on a tear musically. He debuted a conscious banger, “Honorable” on his new label (Heights Up The Light Records).

“Honorable” was released earlier this year and is continuing to gain traction. Presently, post Covid-19 on May 29, 2020, Zum released another unquestionable banger “See Dem A Come”.


As a Rasta living the life of progress, Zum has also stepped up the quality of his musical production significantly and both of his latest singles are impeccably mixed. The visuals for both singles are also on point.



“See Dem A Come” especially has a great dub feel and quality to it which is reminiscent of King Tubby’s era during the “Golden Age” of reggae in the late 70’s-early 80’s. No doubt much of this dub feel is also generated by the mix of the engineer of the track who is based in The UK.


But mainly the authentic roots, reggae sentiments generated by the track are due to the live horns and instruments on the riddim. Live instrumentation is quite refreshing in the milieu of computer riddims that have flooded the market for quite some time. “See Dem A Come” has a definite international feel and appeal to it which makes the listener certain that Zum Raggidy has his eyes set on a goal which is much broader than the sounds of the local Jamaican market. If the sound alone of Zum’s new material alone is not sufficient to make the listener certain that Zum has his eyes set on an international audience, both of the  videos for  “Honorable”

and “See Dem A Come” were filmed in and around his current hometown in France where he lives with his wife, Dorine and their three children.


In fact, Zum is coming off a hiatus from the music after relocating to Europe some years ago and firmly establishing himself and his family there. Zum does not fail to impress as he currently speaks fluent French and raises his children in a bilingual home, alternating between French and Jamaican Patois.


With Zum now ready to tackle the musical road again this year he is setting a new, substantially higher standard for himself and his musical career which he seems sure to keep up in the future.


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