Joseph Shepherd


Richard Mannings, a.k.a. Joseph Shepherd is from August Town where he was born and has lived his entire life. He attended school with Sizzla at August Town Primary and has been studying music as a DJ artiste.

Joseph Shepherd is defined musically for his powerful voice, freestyle ability and energetic performances and has always been a powerful force within the music.

Shepherd began touring with Sizzla as an opening act in the early 2000’s and has graced the stages in numerous countries around the world internationally including Canada, USA, France, Germany, and other countries too numerous to mention.


His first music video was a single from the Crown Star label featuring Jah Mason called “One-Two Order”. Shepherd has also collaborated with various other artistes in the business apart from Judgement Yard.


Shepherd’s debut album is entitled “Be Yourself”, and this primarily roots, rock, Reggae album was produced by John Marcus from the Chop Chop label and released in 2007 on It was made  available for downloads at a time when iTunes and the digital download revolution was just beginning to make a real impact.


Aside from touring with Sizzla, Shepherd has also toured with fellow Judgement Yard artistes Congo Judah, Bobo David, Yatta Ken, and John Marcus and Jomo Rainbow extensively in the USA and Canada.


Shepherd has recorded various singles for different producers over the years and his latest album is entitled “Sizzla, Joseph Shepherd & Congo Judah - Dub Fi Dub” which is a dub showcase on The Original Genesis Sound featuring some original productions from the Chop Chop label. “Dub Fi Dub” can be found on all digital platforms.

Now he is beginning to further his career in music as a DJ and has always desired for The Most High to continue to allow him to be doing music.

Shepherd has performed at many stage shows where the people love him and always told him to keep up the good works. Shepherd is ready and willing to further his ability in doing music as a chanter.