Bobo David

Duke Campbell, a.k.a Bobo David is a founding member of Judgement Yard who has distinguished himself over the years due to his extremely fiery delivery of purely conscious lyrics.


Bobo David aka Congo Duke got his big break through the Chop Chop label and when he was added to the Judgement Yard roster of his first international tour in 2007 which covered cities in California and Oregon. After initially receiving a couple of short terms visas which were six months or less in duration, Consolidated Vibes finally secured a ten year visa for Bobo David to travel the USA, where he eventually settled down and established a base and continues to reside.


Bobo David was heavily featured in the documentary film, “Sizzla and Judgement Yard - From The Garrison To The Stage” and has also been featured in many of a Sizzla’s music videos, as well as Jah Mason and Joseph Shepherd’s “One-Two Order” music video.


Bobo David has released various singles with various producers around the world over the years, his most notable of which are those recorded for Chop Chop Productions and Kalonji Records.