Sizzla & Judgement Yard $torm Stage During Capleton $et @ Rebel Salute *ALL HELL BREAKS LOO$E!!!*

This historic performance by Sizzla and Judgement Yard caused them to be banned by Tony Rebel from the annual Rebel Salute show for nearly a decade. In this clip, Sizzla burns Rebel Salute sponsors for prohibiting marijuana at the event as well as burned gays before performing his raunchy hit, “Pump Up”, and Joseph Shepherd then went on to perform “Go Get Guns”, which was seemingly unbecoming of the Rasta event. However, Sizzla reproaching the sponsors on stage for their herb prohibition is partial evidence of the fact that Sizzla was and is ahead of his time as to date, Rebel Salute openly encourages the use of herb and even monetizes it by providing vendors with a platform to sell their herb based products.


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