Sizzla Kalonji - Judgement Yard Mixtapes Volume 1 - Slow Jams and Ballads (Digital Downaload)

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This compilation of strictly R&B inspired tracks is an anomaly in many ways when placed against the backdrop of reggae music. In fact, the only thig that is truly "Reggae" about this album is the way Sizzla chooses to chant over some of the tracks, all of which have very little, if any, hint of Reggae riddims in them at all.

This should not disappoint Sizzla fans though because if you are a Sizzla fan who is unsure of Sizzla's ability to sing and chant over R&B riddims, this album will change your mind in a big way. Those fans that have accepted the fact that Sizzla is an artiste and cannot be relegated to making one type of music to the exclusion of others will find a confirmation of the fact that Sizzla is a true artiste in "Slow Jams & Ballads." This compilation will please all lovers of music in that Sizzla presents a softer side of himself, one that is most tender and open and not often seen by the outside world. This compilation is truly special by all accounts in that one can sense vulnerability in Sizzla that many people do not recognize at first.
"Slow Jams & Ballads" is a taste of the softer, soulful music that Sizzla will be offering more and more in the near future as he affirms his place as the most versatile artiste in Reggae music today. This is a perfect opportunity for Sizzla fans who are not familiar with Sizzla's recent experimentation with R&B to familiarize themselves with exlusive R&B cuts that are going to be blazing hot throughout 2006 on Sizzla's subsequent albums.