Sizzla Kalonji - Judgement Yard Mixtapes Volume 2: Freestyles, Demos & Flows (Digital Download)

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If you are a Sizzla fan who is interested in getting very acquainted with Sizzla's ventures into rapping Jamaican style, "Freestyles, Demos & Flows" is a must have. This compilation features 35 blazing hip-hop tracks, the majority of which are laced with Sizzla's awesome rap freestyles. This compilation has the biggest concentration of exclusive Sizzla demos ever recorded, as most of these tracks are raw studio cuts.

Here, some of Sizzla's most explicit material never yet released is captured live and direct and it is not for the faint of heart. This is truly the gritty, ghetto influenced aspect of Sizzla bubbling to the surface in a barrage of chopping cuts.