Sizzla Kalonji - Judgement Yard Mixtapes Volume 3: The Realest Thing (Digital Download)

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For the hardcore roots fans who love the early "Black Woman & Child" Sizzla as well as the more recent "The Real Thing", this album is a breath of fresh air because it represents a continuation of "The Real Thing", hence the name. "The Realest Thing" is a testament to the fact that Sizzla never stopped making cultural roots music at any point as most people commonly believe. This exclusive compilation contains 29 amazing roots cuts as well as some lover's rock inspired material for the feminine gender.
With the exception of a few songs, all of these tracks are entirely EXCLUSIVE and quite a few of these tracks will inevitably be released on future albums and 45's singles.
Words cannot do justice to the greatness of this one of a kind compilation. You just have to listen for yourself, because the music on "The Realest Thing" will truly speak for itself.