Sizzla Kalonji - Judgement Yard Mixtapes Volume 4: Dangerous Dancehall (Digital Download)

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If you are curious to know what music Sizzla is listening to right now, look no further than Dangerous Dancehall, which is the latest edition of the largely popular and internationally acclaimed, Sizzla: Judgement Yard Mix tapes anthology.

For all of the dancehall fans who thought they were being neglected with the release of the first three volumes of the unprecedented and groundbreaking Sizzla: Judgement Yard Mix tapes, this collection of hardcore dancehall sides will remedy those feelings and make everything well.
Dangerous Dancehall, which represents Volume 4 of the Sizzla: Judgement Yard Mix Tapes  series, is pure hot lava. Sizzla, who is unquestionably on the forefront of the cutting edge of Reggae music, has achieved such a high profile due to his unrelenting output of quality recordings, with Volume 4: Dangerous Dancehall being the latest crown jewel of the Sizzla: Judgement Yard Mix tapes compilation set.
This is not your ordinary collection of Sizzla dancehall sides in any way, which keeps Dangerous Dancehall in tune with the exclusive status of the first three volumes of the Sizzla: Judgement Yard Mix tapes. Most of these cuts are demos straight out of Sizzla's studio in Judgement Yard, hence the name, "Judgement Yard Mix tapes."
Also, many of these tracks will not be released until next year and beyond.  Like all things in life it is best to "seek ye and find" instead of following the words of others.  Dangerous Dancehall is no different so go ahead and listen for yourself. You won't be disappointed.